Iron Ore (Hematite)

Iron Ore (Hematite)

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We, Wasit Group are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, engaged in supplying and exporting premium grade Iron Ore (Hematite). The hematite is one of the mineral forms of iron (lll) oxide (Fe2o3) that is available in abundance and has a reddish brown or black silver color. This iron ore is widely used as ballast in ships, radiation shielding around medical and scientific equipments, minor gem material, pigment mineral etc. We have our own tenements with proper exploration licenses, from where we procure this ore at the flume areas. The mined iron ore is carefully processed at our technologically advanced processing unit and undergoes various evaluation stages conducted by our experts on the set quality standards and parameters.

Iron is a general metal discovered in the earth's crust, when it befalls in mixture with other essentials. The word "iron ore" is utilized when the rock is adequately rich in iron substances to be mined cautiously. Iron ore yields metallic iron (Fe) while heated in the existence of a reducing agent like coke. Iron ore typically comprises iron oxides and carbonates.


  • It is much more harder and brittle as compared with magnetite
  • Can retain its crystalline structure at temperature above 950 degree Celsius
  • Has high iron content as compared with other ores