Industrial Rock Salt

Industrial Rock Salt

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Wasit Group and Morvarid Industries is among the largest rock salt mine owners, active in the local as well as international markets. The company's mine boast of a rich reservoir, backed with a special yard to deposit and load the company's own products such as rock salt (industrial salt).  Accordingly, for salt formulation, we use various latest machinery and production lines; along with efficacious sizing and packing equipment. These salts are processed in sync with the international quality standards by using best quality compounds. Our rock salt is appreciated for characteristics like odorless, accurate composition and free flowing nature.  We offer this product at affordable price within the stipulated time frame.

Industrial salt uses

In the oil industry, salt is taken into use to upsurge the thickness of soil and mud, that makes a more harmless and effectual drilling rig. Even though salt may not be taken into use expansively in off-shore drilling, massive quantities of salt are obligatory to ease drilling on land. Pharmaceutical organizations also employ salt in the procedure of manufacturing capsules, also in the production of saline solutions, that have extensive secondary utilizations. Saline solutions are not only valuable for interaction solution, but for intravenous formulas as well. Use of salt by the medical and pharmaceutical organizations accounts for a huge percentage of the entire national engineering salt usage.
Of course, the most of the world’s industrial salt is taken into use to thaw out roads and to make a safer driving exterior, not only for the community, but for administrative as well. 60 to 80 percent of internationally mined salt is taken into use to advance the security of public transfer in one dimensions or another, but generally to cut the freezing point of ice and snow.
Salt is often dispersed on roads prior to extreme weather, permitting a surface coating of brine to offer additional protection against ice.

Secrets of Industrial Salt
Chemical manufacturing depends entirely on salt as well, because industrial salt is utilized like a filler for solvents and detergents and, making the chemical to be more speedily dissolved in water. As salt segregates numerous components needed for soap manufacturing, chemical industries comprise massive amounts of industrial salt in the procedure soap manufacturing.
Solar ponds and other energy making facilities necessitate huge quantities of salt to sustain a required salinity, adding to the usage of industrial salt like an energy producer.

As salt is comparatively economical, accessible in huge amounts in South Africa and America, industrial salt and rock salt are in huge demand with enlarged obtainability of solar energy.
Obviously, industrial salt has extensive application, that means amplified necessity over time. Though industrial salt may not be the globe’s fewest resource, its huge demand for security and manufacturing reasons means that the salt values will endure to vary for the predictable future. To safeguard a flowing salt pipeline, large quantity of industrial salt customers are seeing salt from a diversity of global sources.


The rock salt is used in:

  • Animal feed
  • Curing of hides
  • Drilling
  • Highway or road deicing
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Textile industry

It also finds use in the manufacturing of:

  • Caustic soda
  • Chlorine
  • Petrochemical
  • Rubber
  • Soap and detergent

Our rock salt is also used as water softeners.